School Closed/Disaster Relief/911

Cobb County Schools will be closed Monday. September 11th and Tuesday, September 12th due to the projected impact of Hurricane Irma. ย All after school activities and events are also cancelled both days.

Cobb County School District has organized a mass collection effort to help the countless people affected by the recent devastation from hurricanes. They have asked that we assist by collecting bottled water and/or other needed items, and requested the bottled water be collected in case packages and all other items be collected as case packages or loose items packaged in boxes.

Other needed items include:

ยงย  baby products (wipes/diapers) ยงย  reusable water bottles
ยงย  combs/brushes ยงย  sanitizer
ยงย  conditioner ยงย  shampoo
ยงย  deodorant ยงย  soap
ยงย  feminine hygiene products ยงย  socks
ยงย  first aid items (bandages/Neosporin) ยงย  sunscreen
ยงย  flip-flops ยงย  toothbrushes/toothpaste
ยงย  lip balm

ยงย  lotion

ยงย  underwear (male/female)

ยงย  wash cloths

ยงย  razors

All collected items can be dropped off in the main office conference room through the end of the day on Wednesday, September 13th.The CCSD Warehouse will schedule pickups for Thursday, September 14th, and Friday, September 15th. The district would like to thank the following departments who are all sending trucks and staff to accomplish the transportation of collected materials to the central shipping location:ย  Warehouse, Food & Nutrition Services, Transportation, Maintenance, and Event Services.

As you can see, there are many helping hands who are contributing to the success of this relief effort. Please help us do our part through participation and passing this information along to our students, clubs/organizations, athletic programs, and community members. Thank you!

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are also with our nation at large as we also remember the events of 9/11.

SCC Board of Directors