Georgia PTA Membership Chair sent the following message.


We hope to still have a business and awards meeting later this year when we can safely meet but understand that training is needed now.

We are kicking off the year with the following PTA Universities, designed to meet your immediate needs. Each one hour session will be offered twice-initially, one morning, one evening and all will be recorded to be posted on the Georgia PTA website. As additional training needs are identified, we will work to bring them to you to help you have a successful year.


The following training sessions will be provided:

Aug. 4 7:00 pm
Aug. 8 9:00 am

Vice Presidents
Aug. 5 7:00 pm
Aug. 8 10:00 am

Aug. 6 10:00 am
Aug. 6 7:00 pm

Aug. 8 12:00 pm
Aug. 12 7:00 pm

Aug. 8 1:00 pm
Aug. 10 7:00 pm

Aug. 13 12:00 pm
Aug. 13 7:00 pm

Aug. 5 7:00 pm
Aug. 8 10:00 am

PTA During a Pandemic
Aug. 11 7:00 pm

Sign up on the Georgia PTA website to attend the workshop(s) of your choice. If you can’t attend, please know that we will try to get them posted as soon as possible for you. Thank you for being a PTA leader and for supporting the mission of PTA!

Georgia PTA Board of Directors